WBSO subsidie voor technische ontwikkeling
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3R adviseurs stopped it's services.

3R Adviseurs helps companies with their WBSO subsidy application

For who and what kind of activities?
Many developing companies with an English speaking staff, established in The Netherlands, have the right to benefit a WBSO subsidy.
The company needs to pay tax. National insurance contributions (loonbelasting) for their developers.
Main criteria to benefit a WBSO subsidy is having a technical bottleneck. Your technical employees are facing a technical challenge to realize a technical innovation. Basic engineering is excluded. Although sometimes it is difficult to determine what is WBSO and what isn't. Specially ICT related developments.

How the WBSO subsidy is calculated
For example 90 hours per week are used for the development of a new protocol / tool / enzyme for 12 months.

The WBSO subsidy will be around 40k. This is without development costs. So besides the 90 hours in this example the costs like materials can be declared in the WBSO application. Based on an estimation of the real costs or a fixed upfront amount related to the 90 hours in this example.

The WBSO can be considered as a TAX reduction on development wages.


Next steps and costs
3R Adviseurs will charge only 10% of the benefit the company can apply. We send the invoice when the WBSO is granted by RVO, Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Not before. After submitting it takes normally 3 months when recieving the official grant.

We take care of the whole application. We ask two things:

- We need some company en specific project information.
- We will send you an authorization form and a contract regarding this application to be signed both.

How will I know my project(s) will qualify for the WBSO subsidy?
Send an e-mail to us with subject “WBSO application” with information on:

  1. Small summary (company, the development, situation)
  2. Activities regarding the project (in a few words)
  3. Innovative aspect(s) / technical bottleneck(s)

The feedback / intake is free of charge. Any other question please feel free to contact us.